Our Services

Inventory, Analysis, Planning & Design for:

Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation & Travel Management

Trail Planning in Nevada
  • Comprehensive recreation field inventories using GPS, photography & video
  • GIS mapping of existing resources and used as part of route, travel and recreation analysis
  • Analysis of impacted resources including soil erosion, vegetation and waters
  • Innovative public involvement to understand issues and opportunities
  • Alternatives development to cover a broad range of solutions
  • NEPA and similar analysis of alternatives
  • Implementation plans including cost estimates and funding
  • Trail design in the field using GIS data, GPS, photography and video
  • Trailhead and camping design including construction documents
  • Construction management to assure quality and consistency

 Training and Education for Outdoor Recreation

  • Share our teams extensive experience with others through professional and volunteer training
  • We incorporate information sharing and training in all our projects to help our clients improve their knowledge and expertise
  • Safety training for use of ATVs, dirt bikes and side-by-sides to improve the recreation experience while reducing the chance for accidents. This training also includes ethics training to help people reduce their impacts on resources, private lands and other recreators
  • Facilitate comprehensive workshops on trail inventory, analysis, design, and management, as well as travel management planning 

Public & Private Land Management

  • GPS and GIS inventory of existing resources and uses
  • Analysis of current or potential recreational and other uses
  • Analysis of rare and sensitive resources to understand recreation constraints
  • Innovative and independent public involvement to understand issues and opportunities
  • Development of management plans including guiding statements, goals and objectives, management zoning, design and management standards, as well as implementation strategies
  • NEPA and similar analysis of alternatives
  • Design and engineering of trails, parking areas, trailheads, campgrounds and other facilities including construction documents

Outdoor Education & Camps

  • Analysis of current programs and facilities to understand strengths and weaknesses
  • Opinion surveys to understand interest and need
  • Stakeholder involvement to develop alternative concepts
  • Interpretation planning to define educational objectives and facilities
  • Master planning to define land use, conservation, development, recreation, aesthetics, vehicular and pedestrian circulation
  • Development of high quality graphic publications to communicate vision, objectives and design 

GIS, GPS & Cartography

Essence of Estes Park Map
  • Comprehensive services in development and management of GIS data with 17 years of experience
  • GIS modeling to identify suitability for recreation, development or protection
  • Extensive experience in use of customized GPS programs and hardware to improve field work quality and efficiency
  • Award winning cartography to create beautiful maps that communicate with hierarchy and graphic design
  • Development of maps and data for use on smart phones and tablets
  • Tools for public involvement using GIS and GPS technologies 

Nature-Based Tourism

  • US and international experience in planning and design
  • Inventory and analysis of existing uses, development and resources to define opportunities and constraints
  • Significant experience in cultural competency and multi-lingual skills to work effectively with rural communities in the US and other countries (especially Latin America)
  • Development of alternative concepts to explore a diversity of options
  • Management of public and stakeholder involvement for a collaborative process and to limit conflict
  • Work with local communities to improve local economy while defining realistic solutions 

Trails & Facilities

  • Trail & road inventory and analysis using GPS, photography and video. Work from basecamps using licensed dirt bikes (for motorized trails) to maximize efficiency
  • Planning, design and engineering of trails for ATVs, dirt bikes, side-by-sides, jeeps, hiking, bicycling, mountain biking, and equestrian
  • Site selection, design and engineering for trailheads, parking areas, campgrounds, interpretive facilities, administrative facilities
  • Development of construction documents and cost estimates