Projects Completed Prior to Establishing Great Outdoors Consultants

Rampart Range Motorized Trail Design, CO - Executive Summary

Video: Rampart Trail Design & Construction Process

Final design and layout of a new motorized recreational trail network in the Rampart Motorized Recreation Area, based on the 2005 Rampart Range Recreation Area Motorized Roads and Trails Plan and Environmental Assessment.  Developed design standards and guidelines and designed over 90 miles of new or realigned single-track motorcycle and ATV trails.  Client: U.S. Forest Service. 2009-2013

South Cow Mountain OHV Trail Condition Survey, Ukiah, CA

Trail condition survey for approximately 80 miles of designated OHV trails for the 19,250-acre South Cow Mountain OHV Recreation Area. The survey provided BLM the basic tools to develop strategic maintenance objectives for the Cow Mountain RAMP. Created custom GIS and GPS tools for the project. Client: BLM. 2012

Route 66 OHV State Park Concept Plan, Albuquerque, NM

Development of a concept plan to establish a new state OHV park 20 miles west of Albuquerque.  The park will provide a safe environment for youth and beginners to learn OHV riding skills and ethics. Approximately 25 miles of trails will be provided. Client: New Mexico Department of Fish and Game. 2012

Inventory of Roads and Trails on BLM Lands in Wyoming

GPS inventory of over 6,000 miles of roads and trails on BLM lands at multiple sites throughout Wyoming. Captured over 8,000 geotagged photos to document conditions and the location of infrastructure such as campsites, signs, gates, etc. GIS Data from the study will be used by BLM as part of travel management planning. Client: BLM. 2011

 Inventory of Roads and Trails in Colorado National Forests

GPS inventory of over 2,500 miles of roads and trails in over 1 million acres of National Forest lands at multiple sites throughout Colorado. Captured over 13,000 geotagged photos to document conditions and the location of infrastructure such as campsites, signs, gates, etc. GIS Data from the study will be used by the Forest Service as part of travel management planning and to improve maps. Client: US Forest Service. 2011

 Recreation and Trails Plan for the South Slope of Pikes Peak Watershed, Colorado Springs, CO

Developed a recreation and trails plan for use of the South Slope Watershed located on Pikes Peak. The study identified areas suitable for trail and recreation facility development and provides a strategy for implementation. The study also provides recommendations for protection of water quality and other sensitive resources. Client: Colorado Springs Utilities. 2010

 Trails Plan for the Turkey Springs Area, Pagosa Springs, CO

Development of alternatives for a trails plan and EA for the Turkey Springs area located in the Pagosa Ranger District in San Juan National Forest, Colorado.  The trails plan encompasses both OHV and non-motorized trails on Forest Service lands. The plan was successfully adopted and the EA was approved by the Forest Service. Client: Us Forest Service. 2012

 Trail Corridor Analysis for a Bike Path around Lake Tahoe, CA

GIS landscape analysis for potential trail corridors for a new paved bike trail that will circumnavigate Lake Tahoe. Developed a GIS model and maps to automate the analysis process. Consider the many fragile resources, water quality of the lake and private property. Client: Tahoe Regional Planning Authority. 2010

 Continental Divide National Scenic Trail Plan, CO

Assisted with the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail relocation for Halfmoon Creek to South Fooses Pass, located in the Leadville Ranger District of Pike National Forest, Colorado. Led GIS analysis and mapping of alternatives to find the best location for the trail to stay off roads and avoid private property. Client: US Forest Service. 2005

 Ocotillo-Wells State Vehicle Recreation Area General Plan, Ocotillo, CA

Park planning and OHV recreation for the development of a general plan for the SVRA located in the desert near Borrego Springs, California. Completed an analysis of existing recreation opportunities. Provided recommendations to improve visitor experiences while reducing environmental and private land impacts. Client: California State Parks. 2011

Transmission Line Route Analysis and Permitting; WY, CO, UT, NV

GIS analysis of alternatives for a proposed 800 mile electrical transmission from Wyoming to Nevada. Participated in public workshops to provide information and record public opinion. Client: BLM. 2011

Lands with Wilderness Characteristics Analysis, Rawlins, WY

Field analysis of land with wilderness characteristics to determine if the roads in the area are actively managed which would affect the wilderness characteristics of the study area. The study was conducted near Rawlins, Wyoming on the proposed Chokecherry Sierra Madre Wind Farm. Client: BLM. 2011

Rampart Range Roads and Trails Transportation Plan/EA, CO

Road and trails plan for road and off-highway vehicle (OHV) use in approximately 91,000 acres of the Pike National Forest; including analysis of the benefits and costs of improving, relocating, creating or closing trails, roads, parking areas and other recreational facilities.  The project also included an Environmental Assessment on the identified alternatives and resulting recommendations. Client: U.S. Forest Service. 2005

South Rampart Travel Management Plan & Environmental Assessment, CO

Travel management process to plan for the road network, OHV trail system, non-motorized trail system, and recreation facilities within 115,120 acres of the Pikes Peak Ranger District located near Colorado Springs. The primary purpose of this project was to improve the visitor experience and natural resource conditions. Led public outreach, alternatives development and GIS analysis for the project.  Client:  U.S. Forest Service, Pikes Peak Ranger District. 2011

South Rampart Road and Trail Inventory, Woodland Park, CO

Assisted the Pikes Peak Ranger District of Pike National Forest with the inventory of roads, trails, campsites, and other forms of public use in approximately 121,000 acres of the Pike National Forest. The data from this project was used for the travel management plan and EA for the same area.  Client: U.S. Forest Service. 2006

Camp Jorn YMCA Master Plan, Manitowish Waters, WI

Master plan for 80-acre summer camp that addressed planning and design of vehicle and pedestrian circulation, trails, building location, preservation of historic resources, recreation facilities, habitat conservation, and the essence of the summer camp experience. The plan includes a strategic implementation strategy for the master plan.  Client: Camp Jorn YMCA. 2006 Download the Master Plan (11MB)

Nebraska National Forest OHV Trails Plan, Halsey,NE & Rapid City, SD

Trails plan for off-highway vehicle (OHV) use in the Bessey District of the Nebraska National Forest, including analysis of the costs and benefits of improving, relocating, creating, or closing trails, roads, and trailheads. Trailhead designs and the definition of open riding areas were also addressed for the Railroad Buttes area of Buffalo Gap National Grassland near Rapid City, South Dakota. The project includes public outreach to seek input on alternatives.  Client: U.S. Forest Service. 2009

Estes Valley Habitat Assessment, Estes Park, CO

Worked with the Town of Estes Park, Larimer County, Colorado Division of Wildlife, and Rocky Mountain National Park to research the status of natural habitats, wildlife, and other resources in the valley.  The study also identified the most important habitats, species, ecological linkages, and processes that need to be conserved and enhanced to maintain a healthy ecosystem.  Client: Town of Estes Park. 2008

Moapa Valley Trails and Open Space Plan, Overton, NV

Development of a regional strategic open space and trails plan for BLM land in Moapa Valley located east of Las Vegas, Nevada. Coordinated with multiple agencies and community groups to determine the land most suitable for conservation and trail establishment in an area identified for disposal by BLM. The trail study component addressed both motorized and non-motorized trail use.  Client: Clark County Government. 2010

Las Vegas Valley Trails and Open Space Plan, Las Vegas, NV

Preparation of a strategic open space and trails plan for BLM land in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada. Coordinated with multiple agencies and community groups to determine the land most suitable for conservation and trail establishment in lands identified for disposal by BLM.  This project also included planning a potential corridor for a multi-use paved trail that is intended to circumnavigate the Las Vegas Valley. Client: Clark County Government. 2009

Hermit Park Open Space Master Plan, Estes Park, CO

Assisted with inventory and analysis for design of open space and trails master plan that improves recreational opportunities while providing open space protection. Hermit Park is located near Estes Park, Colorado. Client: Larimer County Parks. 2010

Estes Valley Resource Management Plan and Environmental Assessment, Estes Park, CO

Developed a new resource management plan for Lake Estes, Marys Lake, East Portal and Common Point  parks to better meet growing recreational needs and environmental compliance.  These lakes are located around Estes Park, Colorado. Managed public outreach for the project and led alternatives development including management zoning and trails. Client:  Estes Valley Recreation and Park District, Bureau of Reclamation. 2008

Larimer County Reservoirs Resource Management Plan and Environmental Assessment, CO

Project manager for resource management plan directing future management decisions regarding four reservoirs - Carter Lake, Horsetooth Reservoir, Flatiron Reservoir and Pinewood Lake - while balancing recreational use demand and resource protection.  Led public involvement, alternatives development, GIS analysis and trails planning for the project.  Client:  Larimer County, Bureau of Reclamation. 2007

Colorado Division of Wildlife Research Facility Site Selection + Concept Design, CO

Site selection for relocation of CDOW Wildlife Research Facility in Larimer County, Colorado.  Included a detailed consideration of land use and environmental constraints and opportunities.  Led GIS analysis and modelling for the site selection process. Client: Colorado Division of Wildlife. 2007

Sustainability Strategy for Pucon and Araucanía, Chile, South America

Workshop and publication to prepare a sustainability strategy for community, rural lands, environment, and tourism in Pucon County and the Araucanía Lakes Region of Chile, South America.  Led the development of a conceptual trails plan for the study area. Client: Municipality of Pucon. 2005

Moffat System Environmental Impact Assessment, CO

GIS analysis to improve the Moffat Collection System Project is designed to enhance the reliability of Denver Water's delivery system by providing 18,000 acre-feet of new firm yield.  Alternatives screening effort and conducted studies in several key areas, including recreational use, effects on riparian and wetland resources, sensitive species, land use, and visual resources in order to assess impacts as a result of project implementation.  Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 2003

Berthoud Parks, Open Lands, Recreation + Trails Plan, Berthoud, CO

Master plan preparation to identifying park, trails and open space needs, and providing implementation strategies. Included a comprehensive public outreach program.  Client: Town of Berthoud, Colorado. 2005

Windy Gap Firming Project, CO

Planning for regional-scale for potential reservoir sites and GIS database development. Evaluated each site for environmental and cultural suitability. Produced maps with GIS for reports. Client: Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District. 2002

Colorado River Recreation Management Plan, Page, AZ

Prepared a management plan for a 15-mile segment of the Colorado River within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, with a major focus on determination of carrying capacity and development of management strategies that maintain use and resource conditions within the defined capacity limits. Responsible for addressing recreation/tourism management issues, including implementation of users survey.  Client: National Park Service. 2003

Horsetooth Mountain Park Management Plan, Fort Collins, CO

Development of a resource and recreation management plan for the 2,700 acre County-owned mountain park. Led management of public involvement in the planning process. Developed the approach for development of visitor experience and resource management zoning and improvements to the parks’ trail network. Client: Larimer County. 2006

Natural Areas Policy Plan Update, Fort Collins, CO

Provided technical assistance in the update of the Natural Areas Policy Plan, focusing on conservation strategies for the preservation of Fort Collins' natural areas and the protection of adjacent community separators.  Client: City of Fort Collins. 2004

Yampa River Management Plan, Steamboat Springs, CO

Preparation of a river management plan for approximately 4.5-mile reach of the Yampa River where it flows through the City of Steamboat Springs. The plan addressed sustainable use river stewardship requirements and policies, carrying capacities, river access and land ownership issues and public involvement.  The project received two awards from the Colorado Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects.  Client: City of Steamboat Springs. 2004

 Wahweap Development Concept Plan, Page, AZ

Development concept plan for a campground and marina area within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, focusing on planning future development activities for tourism and evaluating environmental impacts.  Client: National Park Service. 2003

Blue Ridge Parkway General Management Plan, VA, NC

Preparation of a long-term management plan for the Blue Ridge Parkway. The parkway is a 470-mile long scenic highway and is the most visited national park in the world with over 20 million visitors a year. Prepared a series of maps for use in the GMP.  Client: National Park Service. 2006-2009

Hite Development Concept Plan Amendment, UT

Preparation of a Development Concept Plan for the Hite Marina area at Lake Powell, addressing potential facility needs, incorporating new planning requirements and standards, and providing overall guidance for the future use and development of the area for visitors. Responsible for preparing a conceptual design and environmental assessment to analyse site-specific impacts that would result from implementation of the plan.  Client:  National Park Service, ARAMARK. 2003

Colorado State Wildlife Area Management Plans, CO                                                                              

Prepared comprehensive management plans addressing public use, habitat enhancement and facility development for more than a dozen state wildlife areas throughout the State of Colorado.  Client: Colorado Division of Wildlife. 2001

South Valley Property Master Management Plan, CO

Preparation of a master management plan for 3,500-acre property that considered use of the forage resource by cattle and elk; protection and enhancement of ecological values; and the property's ability to produce income through ranching, hunting and hay production.  Clients: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Colorado Division of Wildlife, Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO). 2002

Steamboat Springs Comprehensive Plan, CO

GIS analyst of an existing comprehensive plan update addressing the future growth of Steamboat Springs.  Key components include carrying capacity, recreation, parks, open space, natural environment, urban form and economic viability.  Client: Clarion Associates, Town of Steamboat Springs. 2003

Fort Collins/Timnath/Windsor Separator Implementation Program, CO

Planning and GIS analyst for identification and protection of key parcels to form an effective area of community separation between the towns of Fort Collins, Timnath and Windsor.  Client: Three Northern Colorado Communities. 2002

Rueter-Hess Reservoir, Parker, CO

Completed analysis and master plan for public use and design of new facilities.  Client: Town of Parker. 2001

Florida Fish + Wildlife Master Public Use Plans, FL

Assisted in the preparation of master public use plans for wildlife management areas as part of a state-wide initiative. Helped establish the planning methodology to be used for nature-based tourism. Designed interpretive materials for wildlife management areas.  Client:  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Management Plan for the Cross-Florida Greenway and Trails, FL

Assisted in park, recreation and trail planning for the Cross-Florida Greenway located in central Florida. Performed GIS and GPS inventory tasks to assist in development of a management plan for the Greenway. Client: Florida Department of Greenways and Trails. 1998

State-Wide Trails and Ecological Corridor Plan for Florida

Assisted in development of a state-wide inventory and analysis for ecological and trail corridors for the entire state of Florida. Client: Florida Department of Greenways and Trails & University of Florida. 1999

Mesoamerican Trails Project, Central America

Multi-national trail planning and GIS cartography for the Mesoamerican Trails Project throughout Central America. These visionary trails for the Central America countries are meant to provide avenues for conservation and sustainable tourism development. Client:  Wildlife Conservation Society & World Bank. 1999

Honduras National Park Management Plans, Honduras

Coordinated the preparation of a five-year management plan for Jeannette Kawas National Park which was the pilot ecotourism project for Honduras. Assisted with resource and public use planning for a wildlife refuge and Copan Ruins Archaeological Park, both major tourist destinations. Addressed local community concerns and desires. Developed GIS databases and atlases for each protected area project.  Client:  Wildlife Conservation Society. 1993-1998

Professional Training, Honduras + Costa Rica

Trained 86 Peace Corps Volunteers in protected areas management, ecotourism development and management, non-governmental organization development, community outreach, and environmental education.  Client: CHP International. 1994

Master Plan for Tikal National Park, Guatemala

Organized an interdisciplinary planning team to research and plan interpretative and back-country trails for Tikal National Park, Guatemala which is a major tourism destination.  Client: Wildlife Conservation Society. 1995

Jeanette Kawas National Park, Honduras

Founded, developed and financed a grassroots environmental NGO in Honduras to create and manage the national park. Planned ecotourism policy and implemented environmental education activities. Mitigated the impacts of a major tourism project on the edge of the core zone of the national park.  Client: United States Peace Corps & Fundacion PROLANSATE. 1990-93